Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Red Squirrel (Colerain, OH)

For those of you without a Red Squirrel restaurant nearby, which would likely be 99% of you, I offer you my deepest sympathy and regret.  This is the third location I’ve ate it, and they all specialize in delicious double-decker sandwiches, as well as host a variety of other alternatives on their menu.

I don’t live in Colerain, but find my way up there for the occasional dollar store trek, mall visit, and ruckus house party.  The visibility of this particular restaurant isn’t what I’d call perfect.  I actually ate there this particular day by chance; out taking photographs and working up a serious appetite, I wandered in by the smell of roast beef and smiles.

A waitress that looked like a Dick Tracy villain seated us near the back in a booth.  After we made our respective orders, she brought us out our drinks; I had root beer, which was rather pleasant.  If my memory serves me correctly, though, I didn’t receive any refills.  Dang!

As I mentioned earlier, this place is known as a supreme sandwich shop.  They didn’t disappoint on this evening.  On the left, Amanda ordered the turkey/Swiss double-decker.  Amanda has a very bizarre habit of, no matter where we’re at, deconstructing her sandwiches (of all varieties) and eating them in odd arrangements.  This day was no exception.  I opted for my personal favorite Red Squirrel sandwich, the ham/chicken salad double-decker.  My cousin Eric (who assuredly doesn’t read this site… no hard feelings, but you’re officially off my Christmas card list, pal!) recommended this combination to me years ago and when I finally built up the nerve to order it, was extremely pleased.  It’s a little sloppy, but the taste factor alone sets this thing in terms of quality way above anything on a McDonald’s menu.  Each sandwich comes with potato chips and a pickle spear.  I freaking love saying that… pickle spear!  “I am Alexander the Great, and I’m here to invade your country, with my trusty pickle spear.”

Afterwards, I went for my customary hand washing, when I found this oddity.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice, so allow me a chance to explain.  The bathroom had one regular size stall, and then near the sink and urinal, was a separate second stall.  It was the size of a tiny closet, and that’s being very generous.  By the time I got in there and closed the door, the exercise of unzipping my pants was as difficult as playing Mrs. Pac-Man blindfolded… and I should know, how do you think I spent my 8th birthday?

Overall Grade: B 

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