Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to Review the World 2.0!

So glad you're here and warm greetings from the new Review the World 2.0!  I started the original Review the World back in January of '05 (with the idea itself germinating back in '03).  After over eight years I felt it was time to evolve.  I loved my old site, the goofy graphics (why yes, that was Chuck E. Cheese rubbing shoulders with Kool-Aid Man), simplistic design (Netscape Composer '97 from day one), etc. while it was likely outdated quite early into its run but it had a lot of charm and was earnest.

I felt in recent months it was lost in a vacuum of the Internet.  We've never been a real big site, albeit having an awesome and loyal base of supportive fans, but without adapting I felt like I was posting stuff then it'd get lost into the proverbial ether.  I wanted a more functional site, one that'd make it much easier to comment on articles and other content, making the viewers' experience smoother and more interactive, while also pushing it forward into new territory.  RtW is now more of a blog, but fear not old faithful fans, the only changes are positive.  This'll be easier for me to update, which means more content, both text-based and videos, more interaction with you all, which encourages me greatly and keeps me motivated, and will be easier to navigate and explore.

Review the World has always been about celebrating life and all of the stuff that makes it up.  I've always strived for positivity and my ultimate goal is to make others happy and if I can do that by a goofy review or video then I'm more than satisfied.  I'm always going to talk about dollar store junk, toys, food and candy, restaurants and places, nostalgic reflections, movies and cartoons, comics, games, etc. and produce original video content including short films and series'.  These are the things that make up RtW.  I'm also going to share my awe and joy at life and all the tiny details that make it so amazing.  And that's what makes up me as a person.

Some quick maintenance notes:

- All of the nearly 200 original RtW articles are here!  As of this post I've only got about 30% of the videos moved over but am working tirelessly on that and they'll all be here in their new home within the next few days.  I wanted them all up when the site went live but didn't want to put off this launch any longer!

- The first new content here on the new site will be up by Tuesday (3/19) night.  I've got a half-dozen new HD videos ready to unveil in the weeks to come and a bunch of neat stuff to write blog posts about so the next months will have lots of new posts lined up.

- Started an official RtW Facebook.  Please "like" it!  It's going to be a great way to let everyone know about new posts, will share some exclusive content there, and another venue for RtW fans and I to interact!

Here's a quick sneak preview I cut mostly for the benefit of friends and family on Facebook on some of the new HD video we're working on.  Thanks so much for reading and the support.  Check back soon and we'll get this thing started!  2013 is still young let's make it a year to remember!

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