Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get In the Trunk 3: All Trunks Go to Heaven

In the underground phenomenon and cult classic Get In the Trunk, #$%^@! infamous drug dealer Stretch got the best of two friends shoving one of them in a car trunk. In the sequel after disappearing for months the friend returned and sought his revenge this time stuffing Stretch himself in a trunk. The stakes are raised this time. Stretch is back in town, this time with a henchman named Constrict, running the drug game and eliminating foes while enjoying the finest hoes. The friends seek to get rid of Stretch for once and all by utilizing some "trunk magic" but will their gamble pay off? All we can say is someone's getting thrown in a trunk, b*tch!

Watch the original Get In the Trunk, #%@^&!

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