Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meeting Chuck D!

Last week my day started off good. Took a positively transformative, meditative outdoor walk and had an awesome encounter with a fuzzy, white caterpillar. Later as I was waiting at my son's pre-school to pick him up I caught wind that literally hours later famed hip hop performer and rap living legend Chuck D from Public Enemy would be speaking at my old stomping grounds Miami University!

I got there an hour early and was the first inside the auditorium. I sat front and center and played a little WWE SuperCard on my phone to kill time. When the moment arrived Chuck D lit up the place just as capably as a public speaker as he does an onstage musical performer (and I should know I saw Public Enemy live before and they tore the roof off the joint!). I enjoyed every second of it and Chuck's oratory and I think my favorite portion was on our cell phone culture, or as Chuck calls them, "Weapons of Mass Distraction".

After the free show there was an even freer reception in another hall. I walked in and as I'm known to do started filling up my plate with large helpings of free food (vegetable spring rolls, meatballs, cinnamon pita chips, etc.). When Chuck D arrived at first I wasn't going to bother him and had no intention on doing so (I don't get star-struck too easily, growing up I had my neck wrangled by Mick Foley so it doesn't get much better than that!). But then when I saw a small line forming I figured "Why not?". I may never get another opportunity to shake the man's hand who delivered some of the tastiest rap (or any genre of music) records my ears had ever heard. I got an "usie" (a term Chuck used earlier) and a standard photo. Chuck was more interested in my t-shirt which he photographed himself on his phone. So somewhere as Chuck D tours the world a picture of my chest is secure on his phone.

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