Thursday, December 2, 2021

Purple Reign - Screw’s Southern Soda

The epic conclusion to the Screw's Southern Soda review series!!! We bid adieu to Brian's old apartment with a bubbly blowout as Prince yelps in his grave as Purple Reign reigns supreme in our cups and hearts. We say so long to "chopped & screwed" sodas with a cherubic chug and a special bonus as we add some "spirits" to this Purple DRANK and we ain't talking specters, ya feel!? Tip back some lavender liquid and share it with all your homeboys -- it's time to end this odyssey and wish a final RIP to DJ Screw!


  1. the grand finale, it's been a tenuous journey and i will never be the same. i cannot return to the shire after the relaxation induced by this drank

    1. Haha no you're right .. you can never go home again as Andrew Largeman once said

  2. happy new year, here's to further conquering the world of review in 2022