Thursday, June 26, 2008

D’Anjou pear

My first fruit review, and what a fruit it is!  Yes, the pear, often overlooked I fear, but worthy of esteem regardless.  Before my dissertation and critique, let’s learn a little about the D’Anjou, shall we?

The D’Anjou, or Beurré d'Anjou, as its referred to in some select snobby circles, is of European origin, first showing up in either Belgium or central France, nobody knows for sure, but it’s a matter being argued by absolutely nobody.  There’s a Red variety, too, but for this review, I’ll be focusing on the delightful Green Anjou.

After taking your first bite, you’ll be thrilled with the fruit’s white flesh, it’s incredibly juicy, sweet, aromatic, and that’s coupled with the slightly crunchy texture itself creating a wonderful treat.  I find, personally, pears more enjoyable overall than eating an average, everyday apple.  No disrespect to apples, as they’ll get their due on this site one day, but for me, the enjoyment of devouring a pear is unparalleled.  Just conjuring the tastes and juiciness of a D’Anjou instantly makes me salivate.  For those with a penchant for eating unhealthily, you’re not left out entirely, as Jelly Belly uses D’Anjour purée in the crafting of their Juicy Pear flavor jellybean.  So, next time your out at the local market, why don’t you swing by the produce department, send them my regards, and pick yourself up a couple D’Anjou pears to enjoy yourself.

Overall Grade: A- 

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