Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Search for Cherry Coke

I’m a huge Cherry Coke fan—always have been and probably will forever be.  But, the suits at Coke took my beloved beverage in a new direction in late 2005.  Ditching the old, iconic name for the more streamlined Coca-Cola Cherry.  Granted, it still tastes the same, however, the new marketing campaigns, logo, and overall design aren’t blowing my skirt up.  Sure, some design major came up with a fresh take on a contemporary new look, and while the new purple-heavy design is admittedly sleek and snazzy, it’s just not the same.  What hurts the most is the name change, as Coca-Cola Cherry doesn’t have the same ring or nostalgic edge built-in like Cherry Coke.

While down at Walt Disney World last month I thought I’d found what I felt was taken away so cruelly from me… honest to goodness Cherry Coke!

Watch the video and join me on an adventure as I try to hunt down the elusive last remnants of Cherry Coke.

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