Friday, June 7, 2013

The Cat Mechanic from Under the Bridge

My mind often wanders and the other day while sitting in the family room my two tiny kids rumpus in something caught my eye (no not the stack of Goosebumps 2000 books I'm working through).

Behold, the Cat Mechanic from Under the Bridge!  I don't know what it is about me that I anthropomorphize things, that is to say I ascribe human characteristics often to inanimate objects and whatnot.  I also sometimes develop backstories in my brain for said things.  Once my eyes caught this cat, likely a salaried artists' quickly forgotten sketch to finish another paid gig, I felt compelled to know more about him (or her?).  What was his story?  Why was he running a service garage under a bridge?  Did he in fact work there, or was he just a stowaway, perhaps a mechanic's beloved pet?   Tires and wrench?  Check.  Unlabeled bottles of assorted color liquids?  Check I guess?  His smile says to me that he is content with his lot in life.  I believe that he went to a trade school, knowing money was in it, unlike his older brother Samuel who went the more Liberal Arts way, spending time leisurely on promenades reading books in the shade, while our Cat Mechanic was getting oily and dirty learning how to do a proper lube job.  If you need an oil change or tire rotation tell him RtW sent you!


  1. The lack of cat mechanic action figures and angy drunk drivers about to have a carcrash makes me sad.

    1. Thanks for the comment yelinna! Maybe the world needs drunk drivers action figures so we can play out their messy deaths to warn future generations of the peril of driving under the influence!

      yelinna, know you're a toy fan, did you see my video post before this one? The Randy and Sanchez show? It's sort of a comedy/soap opera we play out using toys!!