Monday, March 7, 2005

Kill Me Kiss Me – Vol. #1 by Lee Young Yuu

This is one of those series’ that’s beyond description.  Japanese-teenage-crossdressing madness (with bouts of blatant homosexuality) ensues… if that peeks your interest than this might be for you, and… you might scare me.  When Tae Yeon finds out that her dream man, a teenage model, is attending her identical male cousin Jung-Woo’s school she devises a plan.  They’ll switch places!  Tae will be able to get close to her idol, and, well Jung-Woo… he’ll be able to be around teenage girls all day, albeit in a dress himself. Sound zany?  It is. Is it worth reading?  I’d say most definitely.  This is a lot of fun, and the material is original and unique.  Read this… but wearing underwear of the opposite sex is not required for maximum enjoyment.

Overall Grade: B 

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