Monday, March 7, 2005

Attack of the Daredevil Candy

First off, the pictures taken for this article are several months old and were originally going to be used in conjunction with an article I was writing for my old website Misumasu.  Well, that article was never written, and I still fondly recall the assortment of Daredevil candy being amusing, thus a new article is born.  I remember being excited, yet somewhat apprehensive about the endeavor I was undertaking.

First off, we’ve got a Mighty Marvel Gummy Heroes rendition of Daredevil.  It’s in “Succulent Strawberry”, so, at least the name itself is appeasing.

Now, the candy was a little more difficult to comprehend.  Here laid a gummy Daredevil in a translucent red casket, awaiting his farewell with a profound fearlessness.  He wanted you to eat him.

Now, tell me that don’t just freak you out a little bit?  He stares you down as you prepare to eat his exquisite remains.

I ate with reckless abandon, devouring his head and upper torso with one big bite.

Next up, a little creation known simply by it’s flavor “Chillin’ Cherry”. This was a crazy contraption.  You had to apply pressure to it, and in doing so it’d release a mechanism that would shoot out a sucker for your sweet pleasure.

I recall this tasting quite good and packing a wallop of flavor.  So far I’ve been nothing but pleased with these somewhat unusual entries.

Now we face the Mighty Marvel Klik candy dispenser.  Basically, it’s a rip-off of Pez, but the dispenser itself is sort of cool.  However, I must make a statement about two captions on the candy’s packaging.  The first one being “Au’some Bubble Gum Roll”.  What?  There’s nothing dealing with bubble gum involved whatsoever, and what in the fuck is “au’some”?  Secondly, it boldly states “Creating Powers Unlimited”.  I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean.

You get two little packages of candies for your dispenser, some Smarties and some imitations of the latter.  They were so unbelievably stale.  Don’t believe me?

Look for yourself.

After finishing up with my inspection the Daredevil dispenser suddenly came to life, and apparently he took offense to my eating the head off of his gummy likeliness.

Guess I should have known better than attempting to take on three Daredevil reviews at one time.  I ended up losing my arm in the process of fighting off the enraged Daredevil dispenser, but I believe in the end I’m the true victor.  Celebrate your favorite comic book heroes in the hippest new fashion, by eating them!

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