Monday, March 7, 2005

Twin Dragon (West Chester, OH)


Posted on the door of this establishment are a couple clippings from local newspapers heralding Twin Dragon as not your average buffet.  Inside there’s a fountain big enough to comfortably house the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  This place is certainly spacious, it’s by far one of the larger oriental buffets I’ve visited, and that covers a lot of ground.  There are at least six or seven different buffet tables holding every type of food imaginable… meats, soups, salads, breads, noodles and rice, mixed dishes galore, and desserts.


Let’s first take a look at my two plates of food.  The highlights in regards to taste and enjoyment for me were the sushi, the different crab dishes, fried wontons, noodles, and some of the combo dishes like beef and vegetable.   Not everything was good, though… for instance, take the seafood soup shown above that seemed to be made of 85% aquarium water and 15% snot.  Also, take the squid… which struck me as looking rather phallic shaped and incredibly chewy.

I can’t remember what I was drinking, but I tend to believe it was pretty average.  Lastly, the two surprise dessert plates my girlfriend made for us.  We had grapefruit and other assorted fruits, chocolate pudding and a couple cookies, and a bevy of cakes and pastries.  Granted, we only sampled these, as there’s no way we could have ate it all.  Overall, I was happy with the outing.  My girlfriend, who’s pretty anti-buffet, even thought very highly of it.  Oriental buffets are always a treat, but I’d definitely rank this one near the top of my list.

Overall Grade: A- 

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