Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lone Star Steakhouse (Franklin, OH)

I need to say right off the bat this placed sucked.  I would have saved money dining at the local cemetery.  That outrageous bashing out of the way let me tell you exactly why this experience wasn’t that enjoyable.  We never intended on eating here; after getting lost the restaurant we were supposed to be eating dinner at had already closed so I figured… a steakhouse has got to be an easy B+, right?  Wrong!

Hands down this was the worst and most incompetent service I had eating all year.  After being seated, nobody helped us for almost one hour.  Once we ordered the staff again disappeared, and I noticed an odd trend of waiters apologizing to patrons at several nearby tables.  The bread was average, but the salad was real good… one of the better house salads I’ve had.  That about does it in the compliment department.  Our waiter screwed up both of our orders.  My girlfriend wanted a bowl of soup, they gave her a cup; and I wanted my steak well done, but it was pinker than the inside of a… well, I’ll stop there.  The place reeked, too… I don’t mind saying.

The bottom line… we waited almost two hours to eat crappy food.  Don’t make the same mistake!

Overall Grade: D- 

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