Wednesday, April 27, 2005

L.O.T.R.: Return of the King - Aragorn doll

To someone who hasn’t seen the Lord of the Rings films it might be hard to understand all of the fanaticism associated with the immensely popular series.  I’ve seen the movies and absolutely loved them.  With the exception of the DVD releases, and a calendar, I’ve stayed away from the merchandising frenzy.  But, when browsing through the aisles at the local Target store, I stumbled upon this gem on clearance.

Aragorn, and as it proudly states many times, is in “authentically styled fabric outfit”.  This isn’t your standard action figure, and there’s a slew available.  This is a doll, for all intents and purposes, complete with accessories and a ridiculously detailed costume.  Hell, this toy is better dressed than me!

Although not my favorite character in the films, Aragorn is undoubtedly one of the most important in the entire story.  Plus, the chicks dig him, too.  This picture shows Toy Biz’s recreation of his ruggedly handsome exterior.

Posed amidst the wilderness, this doll continues to look even more lifelike when modeled in natural environments.

I decided to let the doll be free, and just like Aragorn’s roots in adventure would suggest, he begin a trek across my backyard.

He finally tired and decided to take a breather at the rock garden.  A few moments later a little girl wearing suspenders walked up.

Little Girl: Excuse me, could you point be in the direction of Payless Shoes?

Aragorn: What do I look like, little one?  I know of no such a place, and of this much I am certain.

Little Girl: What are you doing?

Aragorn: I, my little friend, am on an adventure of unparalleled proportions.

Little Girl: Whatever.

Overall Grade: B+ 

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