Sunday, April 17, 2005

TMNT: Battle Nexus – Ultimate Daimyo

First off, let me just state… Ultimate Daimyo rocks balls.  In the cartoon, Daimyo, close friend of Splinter, is a centuries old victor of ancient battles, and now oversees the famed Battle Nexus fighting tournaments.  His son, Ultimate Ninja, is a disgraceful little shit, and we’ll leave it at that.

This character and his subsequent action figure… where do I begin?  Let’s look at his accessories, shall we?  First off, let’s talk about his War Staff of Ultimate Power… not just any power, my friends; ultimate power bitch!  Any dude able to carry a staff of that magnitude is a hero in my book.  The back of the package points at other nice points; such as his ceremonial cape, setta (sandals), battle kimono, warrior’s waist belt, and my personal favorite… his mystical mane!  How cool is that?  Even his hair has power!  Lastly, you’ve got to mention the three Mempo Masks from the Ancient Gallery.  Kids, forget your papier-mâché Halloween masks… if you really want to scare someone, pop on one of those bad boys!  Booyah.

To sum all of this up… I love this figure.  He’s not very mobile; in fact, the toy is pretty stiff and basic.  The accessories really make it, though, especially the masks and the goofy hair.  This character, admittedly not the most popular or well known is actually an integral piece of the storyline on the cartoon, and I was glad to see a figure be produced.  I love you Ultimate Daimyo.

Do not make any Don King jokes… unless you want kicked in the throat.

Overall Grade: A+ 

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