Friday, April 22, 2005

Spike Lee by Alex Patterson

This book isn’t good.  Let me air my major complaint first and foremost.  This guy, Alex Patterson, who wrote this crud, couldn’t get Spike to grant him an interview.  In the prologue, he says there will be “no armchair-psychologist blather” in the book.  Now, those things being said, this entire book is nothing but general information about Spike and his films, mixed with, you guessed it… armchair-psychologist blather!  Although he’ll throw in the occasional compliment and praise, the writer spends a lot of time questioning Spike’s artistic choices and personal behavior.  If you’re genuinely interested in learning about Spike, whom I feel is a brilliant director, look elsewhere because this unauthorized book isn’t balanced whatsoever and isn’t worth the time.

Overall Grade: D- 


  1. lov muh spike
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    1. Thanks for the support and kind words! And digging the archives. Appreciated